We get very involved with our clients as we meet regularly to move the event preparation from one stage to another.  We would like for you to hear from a few of those clients, in their own words, what it meant to them to use The Wedding Planner.

Parents of the Bride

“What they could provide was exactly what we needed.”
“Saved a lot of … turmoil.”
“Total facilitation of the event.”
” It was painless, seamless.”

Bride and Groom

“There was so much more than I thought in planning a wedding.”
“They [The Wedding Planner] helped to take the stress away.”
“Completely smooth [day of wedding]”
“We just got to enjoy our day.”

Parents of the Bride

“… I knew my wife would be extremely stressed and I wanted to make sure we were still married at the end of this wedding, so I said definitely we are going to have a wedding planner.”
“The Wedding Planner was just a great, great thing for us to do.”
“Enjoyed the special day of our daughter.”

Mother & Bride

“With the help of the The Wedding Planner they were able to take her ideas and my ideas and make a really beautiful wedding.”
“It really saved our relationship.”
“They helped us to both enjoy the day and take both of our ideas so that it was just a wonderful experience for both of us.”