Wedding Planning

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Why hire any Wedding Planner?

Planning and staging a wedding can take 200 to 300 hours – more time than most people have. A wedding planner becomes essential.

Wedding event planners are organized and experienced, and start with a complete list of outstanding resources at their fingertips.

They are calm. Their familiarity with the wedding planning process saves you stress. They take care of all those details that have to be done right, and done on-time.

A professional wedding planner attends the wedding, making sure everything goes as planned and smoothly. They will resolve any last minute problems, so that you can spend the day with family and friends.

Having a wedding planner allows you to make the decisions that mean the most to you. You don’t have to worry about contracts, payments, set-up, schedules, details and unforeseen issues. A wedding planner is someone you can count on to be there with advice and support when you need them.

Why hire us: “The” Wedding Planner?

We will work with you to meet your specific needs, budgeting and time frame.  We plan your event with your needs in mind. We want your wedding day to be perfect.

We have many years of event planning experience.  We are professional, responsible and courteous.

We plan ahead so that everything is in place when it is needed.  We can provide everything from a curling iron and toothpaste to duct tape and carpenter tools!

We bring in reliable, dependable professionals for the many tasks needed, from floral arrangers to videographers.  However, we can work with vendors that you have chosen as well.

We take pride in putting your interests first and doing all that we can to help you get the most wedding value for your money.

We are responsible, reliable and detail oriented – in a word: professional.

Our services page has a complete list of our services, showing how we help take the stress out of your perfect day.

View our video testimonials to see and hear what some of our past customers have said about our service.

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What are The Wedding Planner’s fees?

The initial consultation is FREE! We will discuss your event and how we might best serve your unique needs.

The cost of our service is based on our understanding of your needs.

In addition to regular updates by phone and email, monthly face-to-face meetings are always included, so you know what is happening and what’s coming next.